1.Create a new bot into the developer page

2.Install Docker from Docker website

3.Install the Discord bot with Docker command

Here is a example command to insert into a new terminal

docker run -d -‎-restart=”always”

-‎-name discord-role-persistence




TO_CHANGE_TOKEN : Put here the bot token that you get when creating the Discord bot in stage 1

TO_CHANGE_PATH : Change where the data will be stored. Without this information, the data will be lost between 2 restart.

Example : docker run -d -‎-restart=”always” -‎-name discord-role-persistence -‎-env BOT_TOKEN=thisisatoken -v /srv/drp:/data/drp brandonfl/discord-role-persistence

Docker run documentation :

4.Verify that bot is working

Into the Docker Desktop, you can find the list of apps. You should find the discord-role-persistence app with controls allowing to start/restart/stop.

You also can view logs by clicking the discord-role-persistence app